[Samba] First user can't find profile

Henry Jensen hjensen at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 10:57:37 GMT 2007


We use Samba as Domain Controller and file server with XP Prof. Clients.
There are 5 Samba Servers with network shares spread acroll all servers.

I have the problem that the first user that wants to logon in the morning
can't find the profile at least two or three times a week  - thus the 
local profile is used.

Additionally the mapping of network drives is going on really slow - he 
must wait up to two minutes until all network drives appears 
(currently about 7 network drives).

When the other colleagues are in the office and log on samba became faster. 

It is like samba is sleeping and slowly "wakes up" when the first user logs on, after 
it has a cup of coffee first.

We have a 100 MBit switched network with about 60 clients.



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