[Samba] 2GB limit

Simon Castillo smcas_m at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Nov 15 03:32:47 GMT 2007

I have a PC-BSD system running with SAMBA.  I wanted to backup an image disk which size is about 10Gb.  The system has 4 HD, each 80 GB, so the space was not the problem. 

I tried to copy this image data from Windows XP to my PC-BSD system via samba. I could copy up to 2Gb and then I had an error.

I googled to find out how to fix this error and I found that it was fixed some time ago.  I verified samba version installed.  It is ver 3.26a.

I checked the disk format.  It is UFS2.  

 I saw couple blogs saying that it is possible to enable this if the option lfs is enabled.

I checked smb.conf man to see if there was an option that I set incorrectly.  So far I couldn't see anything wrong.

My configuration is really simple
   workgroup = TEST
   netbios name = Test_Srv
   server string = Test Server
   security = user

   comment = System Backups
   path = /media/srvInfo/BckUp
   browseable = yes
   valid users = test
   public = no
   writable = yes
   printable = no
   create mask = 0765

Could you help me to fix this? I don't know where else I can check.
Does any body had similar problem like this with current version 3.26? 

Thanks in advance


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