[Samba] Winbindd

samba at piven.org samba at piven.org
Wed Nov 14 23:56:55 GMT 2007

Mark Campbell wrote:
> I am trying to have user logon used winbindd for user directory 
> information and krb auth.
> The kerber logon works when NIS or /etc/password is used for user info.  
> The only difference I see is winbind return a * in the password field.
> My understanding is * will prevent logons and x will allow the user to 
> logon using /etc/shadow or krb auth in this case.
> Is there a way to change what winbind returns?

What are you authenticating against?  I have a pretty-much-vanilla Samba 
installation which uses Winbind against a Win2K0 Server AD, and "getent 
passwd" returns the AD logins with the "x" password.  (It also returns 
all the machine accounts etc., but that's a different issue :-)


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