[Samba] Creating a group share

Prakash Velayutham prakash.velayutham at cchmc.org
Wed Nov 14 12:10:12 GMT 2007


I have a Samba PDC (3.x) running in a OpenSUSE 10.2 system. The  
authentication backend is Open LDAP.

I want to create a group share (WTCCC) which should be accessible to a  
group of users (belonging to a group called WTCCC). The users' possess  
this group as their secondary group (NOT primary).

And the share folder would have its gid bit set, so all the writes to  
the folder would be accessible further by only people belonging to  
WTCCC. Also I want a default umask of 770 for the shared folder too.

Could someone suggest a share configuration that can do these?

Currently, I have

	comment = JIAGEN project share
	path = /export/newWTCCC
	valid write list = +WTCCC
#	acl check permissions = true
#	acl group control = yes
	browseable = Yes
#	read only = No
	inherit acls = Yes
	force group = +WTCCC
	writable = yes
	create mask = 0660
	directory mask = 0770

But as soon as I change the ownership of /export/newWTCCC to  
root:WTCCC, the users are not able to access the share. But if I have  
the force group enabled, everyone is able to access the share (as it  
forces everyone to belong to the group, which should not be the case).


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