[Samba] roaming profiles behavior

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Nov 13 16:57:31 GMT 2007

I have a PDC named gomer w/ IP and a BDC named bldg1 w/ IP of, and a testpc w/ IP of  in the TCP/IP settings of 
testpc, I put the WINS server as, but when I log in, the 
roaming profile is stored onto gomer.  Is this correct behavior?  I then 
changed bldg1's logon path from logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U to logon 
path = \\bldg1\profiles\%U and re-logged in, but the profile was still 
stored on gomer. Why is that?

If I have another BDC on another subnet, like bldg2 w/ ip of 
and another testpc2 w/ IP of, and have its WINS set to and log in, what would happen?  Would a roaming profile be 
stored on bldg2 because its on another subnet, or would the profile also 
be on gomer?  I'd like the profiles to be subnet specific because we 
have multiple sites connected by T-1s, dsl, etc, and loading large 
profiles over those slower links will lead to complains.

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