[Samba] Re: binary does not run on samba-3.0.26a

herman herman at aeronetworks.ca
Fri Nov 9 22:06:07 GMT 2007

Did you remember to run 'testparm'?


Henrik Carlqvist wrote:
> hce <webmail.hce at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I built the samba from source samba-3.0.26a on FC6. But when I run
>> "nmbd -F --debuglevel=5 --configfile=/home/test/smb.conf
>> --log-basename=/home/test/log.txt", nothing happens. The process is
>> not there, the log file is not created. What could I be missing here?
> Not really samba-specific, but whenever I need to track down errors like
> this on any program I usually try strace to see what is missing. Something
> like:
> "strace nmbd -F --debuglevel=5 --configfile=/home/test/smb.conf
> --log-basename=/home/test/log.txt"
> The above will show you any files it is trying to open and might give a
> clue why it doesn't work. If "strace" is not enough you might also try
> "strace -f" to follow forked processes.
> regards Henrik

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