[Samba] Joining a win2k3 ads fails

herman herman at aeronetworks.ca
Fri Nov 9 20:50:13 GMT 2007

I have seen things behave differently between identical boxes and 
eventually the problem was solved on the server side, by rolling ADS 
back to a previous version.  So, you got to make things as simple as 
possible in order to rule out as many weird interactions as possible.  
Bear in mind that Windows is not a finite state machine - actually, I 
think Heisenberg used to work for Microsoft...



Lex Brugman wrote:
> The problem described in my post occurs on a debian box running on an 
> ARM processor and is using the same configuration as on an Gentoo box 
> running on a x86 processor (where it works fine). Both are running the 
> same version of samba (3.0.26a).
> David kacuba wrote:
>> no what do you mean
>> */Lex Brugman <lex.brugman at gmail.com>/* wrote:
>>     Please note that the same configuration works on another box in the
>>     same network (same win2k3 PDC)
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