[Samba] SMB Shares with subversion backing store

Ross S. W. Walker rwalker at medallion.com
Fri Nov 9 15:37:16 GMT 2007

John Drescher wrote:
> On Nov 9, 2007 10:05 AM, Ross S. W. Walker 
> <rwalker at medallion.com> wrote:
> > To all,
> >
> > I was wondering if it was possible to setup samba shares 
> that use subversion as a backing store for the files.
> >
> > Whenever a new file is created it is added to the 
> subversion tree, whenever a file is opened it is checked out 
> of the subversion tree, and whenever it is deleted it is 
> removed from the subversion tree.
> >
> > The idea is that one could use subversion to retain 
> previous versions of files and the subversion tree can be 
> replicated using subversion replication tools.
> Have you looked at svnfs? A fuse module that makes a filesystem for
> accessing subversion repositories.
> http://www.jmadden.eu/index.php/svnfs/

I just looked at it now.

I am not really looking to use it outside of samba, so a linux
pseudo-filesystem is more overkill for me. It may turn out helpful
later though for providing a "point in time" snapshot of the svn
tree, that could be used via the existing "Previous Versions"
feature, or for backup/restore purposes.

I was wondering if there was a samba plug-in module for this already,
it would be a big boon for compliance over here because it would
provide a track-changes log of activity that couldn't be modified by
the user.



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