[Samba] Windows bombarding Samba looking for share that does not exist

Andy Liebman andyliebman at aol.com
Thu Nov 8 18:12:52 GMT 2007

I have a strange problem and I'm hoping that somebody on the list 
recognizes what it is.

I am running Samba 3.0.23d on a Linux box with kernel.
I am connecting from 5 or 6 Windows XP SP 2 boxes.

A share on the Linux box exists called "Music" (Note the UPPER CASE 
"M"). The share is accessible to all users who have smbpasswords on the 
Linux box.

Most Windows users are successfully connecting to the share and mapping 
it as a network drive. However, ONE Windows machine periodically hits 
the Linux server with thousands of requests to "connect to service" 
called "music" (note the lower case "m") instead of "Music".  There are 
thousands of error messages in the logs saying

Nov  8 02:45:13 fileserver smbd[8516]: [2007/11/08 02:45:13, 0] 
Nov  8 02:45:13 fileserver smbd[8516]:   johnpc ( couldn't 
find service music

This occurs several times a day.

When other users try to connect to the share, the samba logs clearly 
show they are connecting to the service "Music"

Is there any way that Windows could have have been told at one point -- 
or thought it was told -- to connect to a share called "music" and that 
Windows is stubbornly continuing to try to connect? Even after rebooting 
the Windows box? Windows definitely never saw a shared called "music" by 
browsing because a share by that name has never existed on the Linux box.

Maybe another clue is that there are also some less frequent errors in 
the logs that say:

Nov  5 02:46:13 fileserver smbd[32209]:   make_connection: connection to 
Music denied due to security descriptor.
Nov  5 02:46:13 fileserver smbd[32209]: [2007/11/05 02:46:13, 0] 

As I said, most users have no problem connecting to this share.

Hope this rings a bell for somebody out there...

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