[Samba] Samba PDC, Win XP, and audit logging?

Scott Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 7 23:34:23 GMT 2007

I have several Windows XP machines that are domain members of a Samba PDC 
running under RedHat Enterprise 5 Server, installed with just out-of-box 
RedHat media.

Detailed audit logging is enabled on the Windows machines.

My question is this - if I find an entry in the Windows XP Event Viewer 
Security log, does that reflect anywhere on the linux audit logs?

I found one entry in the XP logs I wanted to investigate further.   I 
visited the audit logs on the linux box and filtered with ausearch, but 
there was no corresponding date/time stamp entry.

The Windows XP machines have been patched for the change in Daylight 
Savings Time.

So do only the Windows machines make note of the login/logout security 
audits, or do I need to look somewhere else on the linux audits for 
corresponding login/logout entries from domain logins?



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