[Samba] smbd always opens files for writing?

Jamie Tufnell diesql at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 7 19:13:33 GMT 2007


I have two Linux machines sharing a directory using Samba.

I am monitoring file changes on the shared directory (server-side)
with inotifywait(1).

When I open a shared file for reading (and reading only) on the
client, the Samba server appears to open it for writing as well.


directory on client: /mnt/share
directory on server: /export/share

client$ cat /mnt/share/file.txt >/dev/null
server: inotifywait: /export/share/ (CLOSE_WRITE, CLOSE on file.txt)
# this shouldn't happen? cat(1) opens for reading only
server$ cat /export/share/file.txt >/dev/null
(inotifywait says nothing, as expected)

I have tried mounting with ro and rw with the same results.

I played around a bit more and set:

writable = no
read only = yes

in the smb.conf and things started to work properly, but of course now
I can't write from the client (which I need to do).

I assume I can get around this with two shares (one read-only, one
read/write).. but that will add unnecessary complexity to my

So can I somehow make smbd honor the client's requested file open mode
via configuration setting?  I have read the manual but so far haven't
figured it out.

If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.


PS this is Samba 3.0.24 installed via Debian package.

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