[Samba] Enabling interpretation of desktop.ini and alphabetical sorting when icons are grouped by type

crevesousuntrain at free.fr crevesousuntrain at free.fr
Sun Nov 4 12:49:28 GMT 2007


How can I make it so that on Samba shares the desktop.ini file is interpreted
(responsible for displaying the folder customisations such as icons like My
Music or My Pictures folders or others folders customized with the "Customize"
tab in the properties window). It is interpreted OK on local folders or on
Windows Server 2003 shares, just not on Samba shares.

Further more, on Samba shares when I have the icons grouped by type (not just
ordered, in the Windows XP groups), Windows won't put them into alphabetical
order until I press F5 to refresh - this is again, only on Samba shares... With
a Windows Server 2003 it works fine... How can I fix this?

I found all theses problems on a Debian Etch AMD64 machine (I use the Debian
package, so samba_3.0.24-6etch4_amd64)

Sorry for my english not very perfect.


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