[Samba] Winbind Offline Login

Brian Quinn (GMail) bquinn at myitdepartment.ie
Fri Nov 2 13:15:21 GMT 2007

I've been testing winbind offline logon feature using samba-3.2.0pre1. It works great when logging in locally (or via SSH) to the machine in offline mode, but I can't seem to connect to a share from a Windows client when in offline mode. 

The reasoning behind using the offline feature for us is to provide ADS integrated file share that can function in a remote office in the event that communications with the central dc's is down. 

Is the winbind offline logon feature intended to support this operation? I know the normal answer would be to install a DC locally in the remote site, but we've got 100's of small remote sites that don't warrant their own DC's. 

Any suggestions would be great! 


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