[Samba] ADS WINBIND WIN2K3 usernames with dots

Michael Melia Jr. m.melia.jr at petrocelli.com
Thu Nov 1 17:40:39 GMT 2007

I am new to this list and fairly new to samba.

I am running samba 3.0.24 on debian etch with winbind and krb5 in ads
security mode.  Everything appears to be working perfectly.  I can see
users and groups with wbinfo and getent.  I can even access shares I
setup using the domain admin account from the w2k3 ad infrastructure.
The problem is all our username in ad have dots (except the admin).  So
the usernames are firstname.lastname at domain.com

When I try and "set valid users = WORKGROUP\firstname.lastname" in
smb.conf, I am unable to connect to the share from another machine.  If
I use a username without dots (and I created a few test ones to try) and
set "valid users = WORKGROUP\username" in smb.conf then I can get into
the share no problem.

How can I get my usernames with dots to work correctly with samba?


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