[Samba] Promoting Samba BDC to PDC

Ivan Ordonez iordonez at nature.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 1 17:04:19 GMT 2007


Our domain is setup with one Primary Domain Controller and two Backup 
Domain Controllers, and a member server.  All domain controllers (PDC 
and BDCs) are running Gentoo Linux with Samba and LDAP.  The member 
server (fileserver) is a SUNS machine running Solaris.  We do everything 
(add, edit, modify groups and accounts) on the PDC and it will then sync 
all the changes to the BDC by way of SLURPD, then from the BDC to 
another BDC.  To access the shared file on the member server (Solaris), 
the user will authenticate using the PDC which is the password server on 
smb.conf file of the member server.

What we want to do in the coming days is to turn off and upgrade the PDC 
and promote one of the BDC to PDC and don't miss a beat.   I first stop 
slapd, slurpd and samba service on the PDC.  I then edit the smb.conf 
file of one of the BDC and make it a PDC.  I also added a new line which 
is security = user.
I run a testparm command after making changes to BDC's smb.conf file and 
it showed that it is now the Primary Domain Controller.  I edit the 
member server's smb.conf file and change the password server line to 
match the new PDC.
password server = IP of the new PDC

I login to one of the test machine and see if I can login and it worked, 
but when I tried to map to one of our shared drive, it ask for username 
and password.  Somehow the member server doesn't know that the password 
server has now been changed.  There is not much error on the logs that 
are helpful. 

I made sure that I restarted the samba service every time I made changes.

Please help.


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