[Samba] Forcing user/group with winbindd

jhall at vandaliamo.net jhall at vandaliamo.net
Thu May 31 20:17:00 GMT 2007

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> jhall at vandaliamo.net wrote:
>> Is it possible to force a particular user/group to
>> own files when using winbindd?
> Yes.  But you have to fully qualify the name.  Depending
> on the version of Samba you are running, this may either be a
> hard or soft requirement.
> cheer,s jerry

I have tried this, but cannot seem to get it to work right.  I am running
Samba-3.0.23c on FreeBSD 6.2.

When I add:
    force user = mo+linda

to my smb.conf, I receive the following error message when I try to connect.
System Error 64.

The specified network name is no longer available.

If I remove the force user statement, I am able to connect to the share
fine, but the user is not set as I would like for it to be.

Following is a copy of the share I am working with.

        comment = Test Share
        valid users = mo+linda, mo+jay
        write list = mo+linda, mo+jay
        create mode = 0777
        directory mode = 0777
#       force user = mo+linda
        writeable = Yes
        brosweable = Yes
        path = /home/linda

I have set the permissions on /home/linda to 777 for testing purposes.

I'm sure this is something simple that I am doing wrong.  Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.



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