[Samba] logon drive problem

Cardon Denis denis.cardon at tranquilitsystems.com
Thu May 31 16:49:01 GMT 2007

Hi Luk,

> I have samba 3 with ldap as a auth backend. And I have a problem with
> logon drive, when user is loging to domain the logon drive isnt mapped.
> I dont know where is a problem
> in smb.con I have
>        logon drive = Z:
>        logon home = \\%L\%u
>        logon script = login.cmd 
> somebody knows whereis problem?

Have you tried to specify those values directly in the LDAP tree
(sambaHomePath, sambaHomeDrive, sambaLogonScript attributes)? I remember
having a hard time getting the smb.conf parameters used as default for
ldap users, but it works perfectly if the attributes are defined in the
ldap tree.



> thanks in advance
> luk

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