[Samba] policy files

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Thu May 31 12:13:18 GMT 2007

This is a Windows issue, not a Samba issue.

> I don't have anything that mentions the policy file in my samba config, but
> according to http://www.pcc-services.com/custom_poledit.html I don't need to
> (other than having NTConfig.POL readable at \\wilson\netlogon\NTPolicy.POL,
> which it is).  I've seen lots of stuff that suggests I need special windows
> programs (that seem to only be available on NT or 2003) to edit these files,
> and then other pages (such as the link above) that say they are just text
> files.

No, the ADM template files are text files.  The policy file is not.  You
must have POLEDIT.EXE to edit the policy.  It reads the ADM files,
presents a UI, and produces the binary POL file.

> Is there a simple howto that I've missed on this?  Thanks in advance for any
> tips.

Yes, the Windows documentation.  O'Reilly has a title: "Windows NT User
Administration"  you need a book like that.  Most of the HOWTOs and what
not on the Internet are confusing garbage, or at best only half
complete,  my advise is to skip them entirely.

The *OFFICIAL* Samba documentation does cover this to some extend,
beyond that get a book.


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