[Samba] Abnormal Windows behaviour with Samba

Erebus tzanidis at gmail.com
Thu May 31 11:46:27 GMT 2007

Chris Smith-16 wrote:
> I believe modern Windows versions use DNS first, then WINS. IMO, a modern 
> Samba network should have both WINS and DNS resolution for all systems.

I really agree about the WINS part - that's why I prefer enabling this
functionality in Samba. It seems that it resolves a lot of issues in
general. However what do you mean by DNS? Do you believe that I have to
install Bind on my server and create zone files for each terminal? If this
is the case, what would be a sample configuration for each zone? I have only
installed Bind for real domains.. Can I create zones without TLDs (i.e. just
PC-01)? If a fake TLD is needed, do I have to call the server's share using
this TLD (i.e. \\server.tld\share\whatever)? Explain this please, as it's a
little confusing to me...

Chris Smith-16 wrote:
> Use "ipconfig /all" on the clients to make sure they are configured as you 
> believe. Check your WINS database and see if all the systems are properly 
> registered. Check the nmbd logs for possible clues (such as making sure
> your 
> server is the local master browser). Check the smbd logs for possible
> clues 
> (network issues, etc.). Check (by temporarily disabling) that some AV 
> software on the clients isn't causing an issue (automatic updates for one
> can 
> take a lot of system time at boot).

I will do so in the afternoon and I will post the results.

Chris Smith-16 wrote:
> Also when using user and group names in smb.conf it's a good idea (and 
> mandatory in some cases) to fully qualify the names as DOMAINNAME\username
> or 
> DOMAINNAME\groupname, ex: X-NET\x-admin, X-NET\erebus, etc.

Is this also the case if Samba is not configured as a PDC, but just as a
workgroup server? I don't use a domain in my configuration.

Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate it.

Best regards,

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