[Samba] Trouble connecting to Samba shares set up under FC6

Aaron Hawryluk webmaster at calgarysun.com
Wed May 30 21:47:11 GMT 2007

Hi list,

Having a problem connecting to a Samba server under Fedora Core 6. Every
time I try to connect, even from localhost, I get the message

Samba config was done in the Redhat samba configuration tool (gnome).

I can connect with smbclient -L illuminatus -U <username> and get a list of
the shares. However when I try to connect with smbclient -U <username>
\\\\illuminatus\\<sharename> I get the error. From a windows machine I can
browse the shares, but when I try to select a specific share it says the
network location could not be found.

The Samba shares are mapped to curlftpfs mounted directories. When I create
a samba share one level above the mounted directories, I notice that I can
connect to the share but the directories don't show up. When I try to access
them anyway with smbclient, it says:

smb: \\> cd home

Is it impossible to access mounted directories through a Samba share? Or do
I need to do some additional configuration?

My fstab entries look like this:

/var/mount/   fuse   defaults,umask=000   0 0

Anyone got any ideas?

--Aaron Hawryluk
Webmaster, The Calgary Sun
webmaster at calgarysun.com
Ph: 403-250-4371

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