[Samba] Re: Question about multiple ldap backend (as failover/load balance)

Patrick Dung patrick_dkt at yahoo.com.hk
Wed May 30 11:48:30 GMT 2007


OK, after searching, I found that openldap is a single master model.
I think it will not change in foreseeable future.

In my previous mail, I said the ldap servers may be out of sync.
But actually, under Openldap 2.3, it will not be the case.
Slave ldap server is required to add the 'updateref' directive which
refer all modifiy/update to the current replica.
If 'updateref' directive is missing, the slave server refuse to make
changes to the directory.

BTW, openldap 2.4 may have a new thing called mirror mode:

I found that Fedora DS can implement multi master mode.

With FDS, would samba be able to provide HA/multimaster AD?


--- Patrick Dung <patrick_dkt at yahoo.com.hk> wrote:

> Hello
> OK, in my case, there is only one samba server acting as PDC.
> On the PDC, it has a openldap server as backend.
> I have configured another server as the slave ldap server. slave ldap
> server will pool data by syncrepl.
> There are some spaces in samba/smbldap-tool that we can configure
> multiple ldap servers (or load balance by use of DNS)
> What happen if the PDC write data to the slave ldap server? (or the
> master ldap server failed, data has to write to the slave ldap
> server.
> and then the master ldap server comes online)
> The main problem is that the master and slave ldap server will be out
> of sync. Can samba auto detect and fix it?
> Thanks
> Patrick
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