[Samba] Question about multiple ldap backend (as failover/load balance)

Ingo Steuwer steuwer at univention.de
Wed May 30 11:05:05 GMT 2007


Am Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2007 11:06 schrieb Patrick Dung:
> Hello
> OK, in my case, there is only one samba server acting as PDC.
> On the PDC, it has a openldap server as backend.
> I have configured another server as the slave ldap server. slave ldap
> server will pool data by syncrepl.
> There are some spaces in samba/smbldap-tool that we can configure
> multiple ldap servers (or load balance by use of DNS)
> What happen if the PDC write data to the slave ldap server? (or the
> master ldap server failed, data has to write to the slave ldap server.
> and then the master ldap server comes online)

you should not be allowed to make changes on a LDAP slave, which has to be 
made sure by appropiate LDAP-ACLs. For write operations clients connected to 
the slave must be forwarded to the master-ldap by ldap referrals.

> The main problem is that the master and slave ldap server will be out
> of sync. Can samba auto detect and fix it?

This would be a feature of the LDAP-Server, as samba can't cover all 
attributes other clients may have changed. If you need this look out for an 
LDAP sevrer which supports multi-master modes.

By the way: samba runs fine with an read-only copy of your LDAP as long as you 
don't need to administrate something or a password needs to be changed. This 
can cover downtimes of you LDAP-master without user service interruptions.

Ingo Steuwer

> Thanks
> Patrick
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