[Samba] Roaming profiles on demand?

Andreas Paulick paulick at faro.de
Tue May 29 12:47:19 GMT 2007

Hello Samba-world,

We are planning to upgrade our network incl. clients and server. So 
there are then exclusive Win XPSP2-Systems and one single Samba-3 Server 
on Linux.
In the past,ocassionly there are network issues (dying switch, broken 
cable, uncooperative NICs, you all know the list :) ) so there are some 
chances to FU a roaming profile, if used.Usual, we dont need them 
because any user has his own PC. More: if I give them roaming profiles, 
the uers complain about the long start time, because they dont want to 
delete one single holliday picture in BMP-style for the desktop 
background, and because of the long shutdown time, they simply switch 
off their machines,... (you know this type of users). :(
But there is a nice-to-have feature:
An user can switch to another machine and take his own settings to this 
machine (this needs roaming profile) because of broken machine or 
holliday substition.
So I want to have local profiles on client systems, and from time to 
time roaming profiles. Are there a way to realise this? If I see this 
correct, I (or better: the user) only have to do:

-copy the User Profile from C: to the server.
-local log out on the current machine
-log in to the domain on his new machine.

in return, he has to
-log out of the domain from his actual used machine
-domain log in on his main PC (to copy the actual profile to this machine)
-log out from the Domain
-local log in on the machine

Have I forgotten some point? Is this possible? How can I do this?


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