[Samba] Abnormal Windows behaviour with Samba

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Mon May 28 19:03:21 GMT 2007

Erebus wrote:
> tanstaafl_bh wrote:
>> Whether it is the cause of this problem or not, these are no longer 
>> necessary - and indeed, it is recommended to NOT use them, in modern 
>> l=kernels (2.6+)...
> So the correct would be only "TCP_NODELAY" which is the default, right?
> Apart from that (which was already tested and gave exact the same results)
> do you have any other suggestion to make? I don't know what to do and the
> situation is critical...
> Thank you all in advance,
A question I would have is can you track down exactly when the problem 
occurs? You said it doesn't happen all of the time. Are there certain 
conditions that you can identify about when the problem occurs? Does it 
happen only on certain account, machines, when the server or network is 

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