[Samba] how to get SID from samba 2

empirium empirium at o2.pl
Mon May 28 11:11:04 GMT 2007

How to get SID from samba 2 working as PDC.
I try to use smbpasswd -S DOMAIN
but my smbpasswd doesnt have such option -S

smbpasswd: invalid option -- S
smbpasswd [options] [username] [password]
  -s                   use stdin for password prompt
  -D LEVEL             debug level
  -U USER              remote username
  -r MACHINE           remote machine
  -L                   local mode (must be first option)
  -R ORDER             name resolve order
  -j DOMAIN            join domain name
  -a                   add user
  -x                   delete user
  -d                   disable user
  -e                   enable user
  -n                   set no password
  -m                   machine trust account

Anybothy knows how can I do that?
Thanks in advance

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