[Samba] Drag and drop read only directories

Öhlen Bengt Bengt.Ohlen at stampen.com
Tue May 15 14:10:38 GMT 2007


                       r-directory dr-xr-sr-x
                          /       \
        drwxrwsr-x DIR-A    DIR-B drwxrwsr-x
       -rwxrw-r-- fileA        fileB -rwxrw-r--

I'am trying to protect DIR-A an DIR-B not to be moved by mistake by set "r-directory" to read only.
Users needs to able to create files in DIR-A and DIR-B
But when using drag&drop I drag DIR-A into DIR-B. Samba will then create a new(copy) DIR-A in DIR-B and move fileA into the new dir-A directory.
I want to have the same behavior as "mv DIR-A DIR-B" from prompt which of course said "not allowed"
Any idees how will i prevent this from happening?
I'am using samba 3.0.20


Bengt Ohlen
bengt.ohlen at stampen.com

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