[Samba] Re: Not able to add domain users to local groups

Aravinda Guzzar aguzzar at gmail.com
Thu May 24 14:21:53 GMT 2007


Further to the above I found that WINBIND Daemon is necessary for this type
of operation as noted below in smb.conf file:

       winbind nested groups (G)

          If  set  to  yes,  this  parameter  activates the support for
nested groups. Nested groups are also
          called local groups or aliases. They work like their counterparts
in  Windows:  Nested  groups  are
          defined  locally  on  any  machine (they are shared between DC's
through their SAM) and can contain
          users and global groups from any trusted SAM. To be able to use
nested  groups,  you  need  to  run

          Default: winbind nested groups = yes

I have not currently configured WINBIND Daemon.

I wanted to know whether the WINBIND Daemon is must for this type of
operation. Can any one help me in getting this clarified. If NO, what is the
steps required to do this?

Thanks in advance for any kind of information regarding this.


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