[Samba] more than smbldap

ml at bortal.de ml at bortal.de
Thu May 24 08:40:51 GMT 2007

Hello List,

I set up a samba pdc with ldap, smbldap-tools about one year ago.

Now i would like to extend it with OX, squid, etc...
After checking out the LDAP Directory tree i was wondering what the 
Organisation Units "DSA" and "ldmap" are good for?

My current tree looks like this:

+ ou=Computers
+ ou=DSA
+ ou=Groups
+ ou=Idmap
+ ou=Users
+ sambaDomainName=MyDomain

I also had a look at Collax?s PDC and they even have an additional 
PosixGroup. Their tree looks like this:
+ ou=ABook
+ ou=groups
+ ou=Infrastructure
+ ou=people
+ ou=posixgroups
+ sambaDomainName=MyDomain

Any idea why they have "groups" and "posixgroups"?

If i would like to add other services than samba, would a directory tree 
like Collax has make more sense than my current "samba-only" tree?

Or should i stick to the smbldap-Tree to be able to use the smbldap 
tools, or can they be easily adjusted?

Thanks, Mario

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