[Samba] Any docs to convert samba server to Win2003 server?

simo idra at samba.org
Wed May 23 15:45:01 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 10:10 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Gary MacKay wrote:
> > Yeah I know. Not a good question to ask on a samba newsgroup.
> > Unfortunately for this client, the software they use requires a Windows
> > server. Since the box is less than a year old, they do not want to
> > purchase a second server for two applications. So, I am left with the
> > task of converting the linux/samba server to WinBloze 2003 Server. There
> > are only 10 workstations so if I have to unjoin them from the current
> > domain and rejoin them I guess I could, but just wondered if there was a
> > way to migrate the SID and such over to the new server?????
> You can use newsid.exe from sysinternals to manually set the
> SID for a Windows machine.  I don't think this applies to
> an AD DC though.  Haven't checked lately.

I once tried to join an AD DC to an existing domain after cloning it out
from a DC of the domain I was going to join, hence I had the same SID
(the join as child domain was failing of course).

I was able to "fix" it in the image, but I think this may work only
before promoting the machine to a DC, as after that you have the SID
pretty much everywhere in the LDAP store.

However the poster may experiment with SID History maybe ?


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