debian etch samba and ADS --- was Re: [Samba] nsupdate-gss

Miguel Gonzalez Castaños miguel_3_gonzalez at
Tue May 22 19:07:39 GMT 2007

>> I have Debian sarge packages (3.0.14a-3sarge) , since 
>> Samba Debian 4 packages seems not to work fine
>> with Active Directory authentication.
> You should be able to just use the net command from 3.0.25
> for the DNS update.
This then this raises my question, why Samba packages on Debian 4 (etch) 
are not working with ADS? I have seen forums commenting that the  
package lacks of any kerberos compilation but they talk about 3.0.25, 
but not 3.0.24 which is the etch Debian package.

I know this is a Samba and not Debian mailing list, but maybe I could 
get more help here, am I wrong?


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