[Samba] win xp home media edition / Samba 3.023c

J jae at platinumpsi.com
Mon May 21 19:39:10 GMT 2007

One work-around for this problem was to configure the password to match 
the password in Windows.
AFAIK, if not for that work-around, we would still have the issue of the 
file browser closing randomly.

J wrote:
> I have an issue where one client machine (out of 10, the only one 
> running 'xp home media') is being forced off periodically and closing 
> XP's file browser.  It seems to be random.  My Samba configuration is 
> a simple one -- just sharing files, it is not handling 
> authentication.  All other clients work as expected: Log in, for the 
> first time, access as many times as desired after the log in, until 
> you log off.  Are there any known issues with 3.23c... and xp home media?
> thanks!   --J

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