[Samba] strange winbind connection

Markus.Grunwald at pruftechnik.com Markus.Grunwald at pruftechnik.com
Mon May 21 07:22:15 GMT 2007


Sorry if this mail arrives twice, but I seem to have some trouble to get 
it to the list ...

One of our admins called me some time ago and told me, that my samba 
server (server-A) is connecting his server (server-B), although it 
shouldn't. Authentication of my samba shares is working via winbind, 
configured to use "server-DC1" :

        winbind separator = /
        winbind uid = 10000-20000
        winbind gid = 10000-20000
        winbind enum users = yes
        winbind enum groups = yes
        winbind use default domain = Yes
        security = domain
        password server = server-dc1

netstat -tpa displayed this:

tcp  0  0 server-A:44539     server-B.:microsoft-ds VERBUNDEN 

After a restart of winbindd and samba, the connectin was gone but appeared 
again shortly after the restart. Now I would really like to know, why this 
connection is made if I explicitly tell winbind to use only server-DC1 ???

Unfortunately I am not experienced with samba and authentification in a 
windows domain, so I would need your help...

Many thanks,

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