[Samba] force group to Unix group in 3.0.25

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sat May 19 05:33:32 GMT 2007

> Jerry,
>    The patch is working fine. I have had it running on the production 
> machine at work since 12:00 am and there have been no *howls* from the rest 
> of the minions........ and I haven't run into any trouble.

Guys, I want to double check the patch to 3.0.24 (thanks, Jerry, for
it) but I need a test case... Given that I have to coordinate that
update with Debian's security team, I better have to be triple secured..:-)

However, I still haven't understood what *exactly* is the bug..:-)

David, do you have a smb.conf excerpt which I could use for testing
this ?

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