[Samba] roaming profiles for XP RPO Vista 2000 and automounted home directorys

Derek Podoll derek at podoll.com
Sat May 19 00:02:57 GMT 2007

Background on setup

Here is some basic background of my setup I have 3 domains setup running
over a IPSEC tunnel over the Internet with one PDC BDC and some file
servers at each location all running samba (I am sorry I do not have the
version number in front of me for samba) from SUSE enterprise 10 using the
LDAP backend.  There is a trust setup between all the domains and the
IPSEC tunnels is setup so I can access it using client software on my
laptop even if I am not plugged in to any of the networks.


Background on problem I have a Windows 2000 XP PRO and Vista Ultimate
client that connect to the domains.  The 2000 and XP PRO computers are
able to automount my home directory from any of the domains I login to and
both use the same roaming profile.  But the Vista Ultimate client when I
connected that one to the network it created a new profile directory for
the same account and added .V2 at the end of the name using that as the
location for storing the vista profile.  And the vista client does not
automount the home directory for any of the domains.  But I am able to
browse and mount it after I have the desktop up and running.


Is there a way to make samba use the same roaming profile directory for
all 3 type of clients.  I have files in my documents folder and other
stuff in my profile that I would like to have access to using any of the
clients.  Also is there a change that needs to be made to vista or samba
in order to get vista to automount my home directory.  Once again I am
sorry I do not have access to the samba version right now and the smb.conf
file.  It is running the latest version of samba that is automatically
installed with SUSE Enterprise 10.  I have made no changes to the home
shares and the roaming profiles sections of the smb.conf file.

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