[Samba] 3.0.25 Winbind high CPU usage

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 18 20:18:02 GMT 2007

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Jason Lanclos wrote:

> Only other things running on this server are bind and apache(rarely
> used).
> This is our mail fileserver which is connected to a CoRaid.

Do you mean main ?  Or mail server?

> I made the changes as you stated, and cpu usage went 
> down some ..  One process is using about 35% and the
> other is at about 15%.
> When I look on the domian controller I see LSASS.EXE 
> running around 25-40%.

How many connections is this box serving at a given
time (e.g. how many smbd processes are running)?

> I'm courious as to why these entries are showing up:
>   [    0]: getpwnam offiCeDirEcTOrIes
>   [    0]: getpwnam OFFICeDirEctoriEs
>   [    0]: getpwnam officEdiRECToRIes
>   [    0]: getpwnam officediREcToRIEs
>   [    0]: getpwnam OFFicedIREcToRies
>   [    0]: getpwnam OFfIcEDireCtoRiEs
> OfficeDirectories is a Share..  Why is winbind running 
> a getpwnam on a Share name?

Winbindd is only trying to service a getpwnam() request.
So some applications is running a getpwnam() on different
case permutations off the string "officedirectories".
This looks like something I would expect from smbd providing
the [homes] share and configured with a non-zero value
for the "username level" parameter in smb.conf.  But I don't
see that in your posting.

cheers, jerry
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