[Samba] samba, wins, netbios

Chris Smith smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Fri May 18 19:31:37 GMT 2007

On Friday 18 May 2007, Jack Mendez wrote:
> I added the address of the samba server into the wins configuration tab in
> the advanced section of tcp properties in windows xp. When i try to ping
> that machine from the samba server, i get unknown host.
> i can ping the samba server by netbios name from the xp machine just fine
> domain logons work, its just the ping from the samba server thats the
> problem.  I would also like to b able to ping other machines on the
> network from this xp box in question as well.

First step is to make sure your XP workstation is registering itself with the 
WINS server. Take a peek at your wins.dat file to verify.

If the system is registered then you can look elsewhere for the problem. I did 
notice at one point that libnss_wins.so is not built if one 
specifies --without-winbind. The file is needed for the hosts lookup in WINS 
even when not using winbind. That's why I think it should always be built.


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