[Samba] can't create workstation account

Sascha Bieler sascha.bieler at radiogong.de
Fri May 18 15:46:04 GMT 2007

Hi there,

trying to setup ntlm authentication for vpn-networking and now having trouble to get the machin in domain account trust state.

wbinfo -u and -g works well
smbclient works well also

Starting winbind daemons generates following error:

cli_pipe_validate_current_pdu: RPC fault code DCERPC_FAULT_OP_RNG_ERROR received from remote machine MEATLOAF pipe \lsarpc fnum 0x75af!

net join -U administrator
Creation of workstation account failed
Unable to join domain

Having a look in the ldif extracted from slapcat says:

dn: uid=blackhawk$,ou=Computers,dc=audio,dc=de
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
cn: blackhawk$
sn: blackhawk$
uid: blackhawk$
uidNumber: 1011
gidNumber: 515
homeDirectory: /dev/null
loginShell: /bin/false
description: Computer
gecos: Computer
structuralObjectClass: inetOrgPerson
entryUUID: f9b8d4d6-99a0-102b-9a06-c98dc3a52409
creatorsName: cn=admin,dc=audio,dc=de
createTimestamp: 20070518153413Z
entryCSN: 20070518153413Z#000001#00#000000
modifiersName: cn=admin,dc=audio,dc=de
modifyTimestamp: 20070518153413Z

So the machine account is "half alive"...


workgroup = MUSIC
netbios name = BLACKHAWK
security = domain
server string = VPN Gateway %v
password server =
wins support = no
wins server =
max log size = 10000
local master = no
winbind enum users = yes
winbind enum groups = yes
#winbind use default domain = yes
winbind separator = /
idmap uid = 10000-20000
idmap gid = 10000-20000
template shell = /bin/false
interfaces = lo, eth0
bind interfaces only = Yes
syslog = 0
os level = 16

DNS works correctly.
WINS too.

# /etc/nsswitch.conf
passwd:         compat winbind
group:          compat winbind
shadow:         compat

hosts:          files dns
networks:       files

protocols:      db files
services:       db files
ethers:         db files
rpc:            db files

netgroup:       nis

Linux is debian 4.0

Has anyone a hint what may go wrong?

Best regards


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