[Samba] can't browser a samba server from a specific pc in the network

Ray Klassen rklassen at mccscs.com
Thu May 17 19:52:34 GMT 2007

)\(@sS wrote:
> hello everyone,
> i'm not even sure there is something wrong with samba here but im taking 
> all
> chances...
> i have a linux samba server and 3 winXP prof pcs in my setup.
> now from one of the winxp boxes i can not seem to access my shares on the
> server. that is when i try to go through network neighborhood path.
> the message that is returned is : \\stargaze is not accessible. You may not
> have permission to use the shares... please contact sys admin etcetc. it
> ends by stating 'the Server service is not started'.
> well i did check the service setting in windows services and the Server
> service is indeed running automatically. so no problem there,,
> note that i have mapped a few of the shares on network drives to have quick
> access to them from windows explorer.. i can STILL access these shares
> !!!!!!!
> i also tried logging on to my shares (ie with the same (username and pass)
> from the other pc's and it works fine - thats why i am saying it might not
> even be a samba misconfigure...
> any ideas why i can access the shares though from network neighborhood?
> thank you in advance for your help
> nass

What's the state of your firewalling on that particular machine?

Ray Klassen
Computer SysAdmin
MCC Supportive Care Services

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