[Samba] prexec change between 3.0.24 to 3.0.25

Schaefer Jr, Thomas R. tom at umsl.edu
Thu May 17 17:27:45 GMT 2007


I've been testing out 3.0.25 before putting it into production and came
across an issue.

As a simple example..

in a share definition

root preexec = echo "hey there, hi there, hello" > /tmp/hiya.txt

works fine under 3.0.24

not so under 3.0.25, /tmp/hiya.txt isn't created.

Cranking up the debugging and using some other similiar tests it seems
to me that Samba is in fact issuing the command but anything with a
redirect (> or >>) samba now seems to be passed as an argument to the
command now instead of directly to the shell.  In other words I think
Samba is issuing 

echo "hey there, hi there, hello" \> \/tmp\/hiya.txt

My real world problem comes from simply trying to redirect a grep to

Something like this

        root preexec =  /usr/bin/grep share_name
/loginbats/%U/login.bat > /dev/null
        root preexec close = yes

I can work around it apparently by just leaving off the > /dev/null, I
guess Samba likely sends any output from a preexec to /dev/null anyway.

So anyhow, is this new Samba 3.0.25 preexec behavior expected behavior?
I couldn't find mention of it in the WHATSNEW.txt

Tom Schaefer

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