[Samba] Centos4 x86_64 upgrade from samba sernet 3.0.24 to sernet 3.0.25

jancio_wodnik at wp.pl jancio_wodnik at wp.pl
Wed May 16 08:13:36 GMT 2007


I have problems, when upgraded from samba sernet 3.0.24 to 3.0.25  (too 
early ?):

1) always must change password, when log in to windows XP professonall - 
samba 3.0.25 PDC - password expired
2) I can't browse widnows network on client machine - network broswer in 
WinXP don't respond - just hangs
3) I cann't priny any more to printers attached to another widnows 
machines connected to samba 3.0.25 PDC

What is going on ? it's production system, probably i will switch to 
3.0.24 again.



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