[Samba] Cannot join Win XP SP2 client to domain

Thomas Ußmüller ussmueller at gmx.de
Tue May 15 18:38:53 GMT 2007

Dear Jason,

Thanks a lot. This solved my problem.

When creating the user and machine accounts directly with LDAP 
everything works fine. But when either trying to directly connect the 
machine (i.e. without creating the account manually) or when using the 
User Manager for domains, it doesn't work.

I have noticed that the smbldap script create the accounts in my 
directory. But interestingly the SambaSamAccount objectclass is not 
added by the scripts. Is this behaviour normal? Shall the scripts or 
samba add the attributes?

I think one possible solution might be to modify the scripts, so that 
they add the needed objectclass/ attributes. What do the others in the 
group think about that solution?

Maybe you can tell me a bit more about your server. Which backend do you 
use? Do you use the smbldap scripts as well? Maybe we can find the 
similarities in our machines which cause the problem and fix it.


Jason Baker schrieb:
>> When trying to join the client to the domain I get an error message 
>> that the user does not exist (although connecting to the shares works 
>> with this username). Furthermore the user has the 
>> SeMachineAccountPrivilege set. 
> I had this same problem. I ended up creating the machine accounts via 
> the LDAP Account Manager. I never did figure out why I cannot add a 
> machine to the domain through the Windows Network ID Wizard. Have you 
> tried to create the machine account manually on the server, and then 
> join the machine to the domain?

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