[SAMBA] Share's accès : how to?

BACQUEZ informatique at porte-freres.com
Tue May 15 14:40:04 GMT 2007

I have configure this folder share in samba :



Path = /home/folder


With this accès : share root:group_name 2770


In my group “group_name”, I’ve user1, user2, user3.


Therefore the 3 users have complete acces in this folder. But in this one I
have to add other folder shared :

- /home/folder/ufold1
- /home/folder/ufold2

But I want the user1 have only an acces in the ufold1 and not the fold2 (and
not seeing it) ; and the user2 and user3 acces in the ufold2 and only see
this one in the folder /home/folder/.

How can I do that? 









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