[Samba] samba and failover (drbd + heartbeat)

Ralf Gross Ralf-Lists at ralfgross.de
Tue May 15 12:20:50 GMT 2007


I've setup two server A + B (debian etch) with drbd + heartbeat in
active/passive mode.  If the primary server A fails, the shared
storage is mounted on B, the virtual ip A-vip moves to the new primary
B and samba is started by heartbeat. This works well, but I'm not sure
which samba files should be identical on both server. Both have a
dedicated machine account at the moment. 

primary:           A, (active)
secondary:         B, (passive)
cluster/failover:  A-vip, (dns name and ip that the
                                        client use to access the

Should I just kick all samba files on B and sync them with the files
of the primary server A (maybe rsync or inotify, I don't use

I *think* this would be the necessary directories:


I've not set any host specific paramters in smb.conf, I use the
dns alias A-vip and the virtal-ip for the netbios alias and interface

BTW: the machine account was created for the hostname of the primary
server A, not the DNS alias A-vip, will this lead to a problem?


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