[Samba] user are able to access "/" partition.

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Tue May 15 02:44:12 GMT 2007

Dhillon, Gurjit wrote:
> We have the system customized, there are few user whose home directory
> is under /corp/home/gurjit or /fem/home/gurjit1 or /family/home/gurjit2.
> so I cannot mention path = /home/ 
> How can I go about this now ??
Isn't there a variable for the user's home dir? Something like %H? Check 
the man page for smb.conf (there's an online version if you don't have it).
You can also include files based on groups ("include = 
/etc/samba/homes-%G.conf" is a real example of what I use at work to get 
different forced permissions for each group).


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