[Samba] Samba 3 as PDC and hidden folders

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Mon May 14 14:09:10 GMT 2007

Jason Baker wrote:
>> However, the "Local Settings" folder and everything within it are
>> "hidden" folders in Windows, and seem not to get synced with the
>> server when user logs out of domain.
>> Is there a way to make this folder sync? Any notable downsides to 
>> doing so?

> What you are referring to is roaming profiles.

Not necessarily - he may be talking about 'Offline Files'...

This is generally not used in a domain except for often disconnected 
users (like laptop users), but it can be...

> The Local Settings folder by default does not get saved back to the
> server at logout. You can change this however, but it could result in
> some minor problems. I have a similar issue running AutoCAD on
> workstations that have roaming profiles. I have it set so that the
> profile is removed from the workstation at logout. You could probably
> get away with leaving the profile on the machines, but that wouldn't
> solve your problem if someone wanted to get their mail when logged
> into a different workstation. I would find out if there is a way to
> move the location of the .pst file in Outlook.

You can, but it is generally not recommended to put it on a network 
share. If we used Outlook, I'd use a Group Policy to place it in a 
folder that does get Synced (whether with Offline Files or a roaming 


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