[Samba] Writing files > 2GB from Windows

Joseph Loo jloo at acm.org
Sat May 12 03:14:39 GMT 2007

AndyLiebman wrote:
> andrew at bramp.freeserve.co.uk wrote:
>> Can these applications write large files to the local disk? It could
>> be the fault of the application and not of samba.
> Yes, you might have missed that I mentioned this below.  The
> applications have no trouble writing big files (> 4 GB) to a local disk.
> I will also reiterate, I have a case in which the very same application
> only has trouble under specific circumstances. I am talking about a
> Video Editing application. The application can capture most "formats" of
> video to the Samba share and produce single files that are 20, 40, 80
> GBs in size. But when capturing in a couple of specific formats, the
> capture stops when the file reaches 2 GBs with the message "maximum file
> size reached". There is no such limit when capturing to a local drive.
> Similarly, when "importing" certain formats of video, we see that the
> import stops at 4 GBs with a similar error.
>> Andrew
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>> Subject: [Samba] Writing files > 2GB from Windows
>>> Can anybody explain why SOME Windows XP applications have trouble
>>> writing files larger than 2 GB (or sometimes larger than 4 GB) to
>>> Linux Samba shares, when OTHER Windows applications on the same
>>> machine do not have difficulty writing large files to the same Samba
>>> share? And when the underlying Linux filesystem supports very large
>>> files?
>>> I have sometimes even found that a SINGLE Windows application can
>>> write files larger than 4 GBs while performing SOME operations, but
>>> while performing OTHER operations, when a file gets to 2GB or 4GB,
>>> you get back a message saying "reached file size limit" or something
>>> similar. And those same operations don't cause any trouble when
>>> writing > 4GB files to a local hard drive.
>>> Is there a setting in smb.conf that can communicate better to Windows
>>> applications that large file sizes are supported?
>>> Likewise, is there a Windows XP registry setting that can make sure
>>> that applications know they can write large files to a Samba share?
>>> Help and insight would be appreciated.
>>> Andy Liebman
This may be dumb, what is file system you are exporting with samba. If you are
using ext2, I think there is a 2 GByte limit.

Joseph Loo
jloo at acm.org

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