[Samba] Third time lucky. I need help with samba printers!

Ray Klassen rklassen at mccscs.com
Fri May 11 20:07:53 GMT 2007

I'm not a complete noob. I've setup numerous samba boxes and have never 
seen this before. It happened after moving to a new server. my 
[printers} share is identical to the old server, as well as the [global] 
cups/printing  directives in smb.conf

when accessing printers via unc I get "incorrect function"
(I've gotten into the useful habit of connecting up my windows users to 
printers by simply doing [start] [run] \\server\printer [enter]. this 
does not work anymore) even though I can browse \\server for the printer 
and connect to it fine.

Server is a PDC with ldap back end. Printers are using cups.

Is there anyone who will respond?

Ray Klassen
Computer SysAdmin
MCC Supportive Care Services

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