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Gianluca Culot gianlucaculot at dmsware.com
Fri May 11 14:41:01 GMT 2007

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> Hello List,
> I have a samba PDC (3.0.10) in a network with some users still running
> win98; I would like to restrict the admin rights over their
> workstations in
> order to avoid them installing unauthorized programs or changing configs
> like ip addressing or so.
> It is possible via the samba PDC or should I to look for a third party
> program?
> I will appreciate any comment.
> Regards,
> --Ivan.
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Win98 is not AD/Domain integrated (like 2000, xp or vista) so users are
local and are simple profiles with custom settings (colors, desktop, icons,
etc). i.e. if you do not login pressing escape at the login window you can
still use your '98 station, with a default profile.
you have no "legacy" method to stop users from accessing the whole HD...
i.e. managing windows, programs, system dirs

there could be third party tools... but....

In my AD domain (2000 and xp stations, no '98/home versions) no user can
login with administrative rights.
If a user needs to install a programm I use psexec to start installation
with administrative rights
PSEXEC \\computer setup.exe

so Just ONE single program is running with administrative rights, the user
is just a user

Since I applied this policies... viruses are an Event !

good luck with m$.

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