[Samba] Old Access Printing Issues

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu May 10 19:03:17 GMT 2007

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Initialize the printer devmode as documented.  Or just try setting
default devmode = yes in the printer's section of smb.conf.

cheers, jerry

Fred Nuffer wrote:
> Hello All,
> When a user on any of my client machines attempts to create a report in
> MS Access he receives the following message:
>    "The wizard is unable to create your report."
> I have found the following on the MS support site:
>    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/208553
> This also causes various other problems when working with Access
> databases and forms that have already been created.
> That article states that you must have a default printer installed for
> MS Access to work.  The problem is that my client machines all have a
> default printer, but it is a NETWORK printer, served by the Samba
> server.  I could add local printer and set it to default, but that kind
> of work-around doesn't really solve my issue.
> Any ideas?

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