[Samba] Erase or change users/grops unix in tdbsam

Ricardo Chamorro ricardo.a.chamorro at gmail.com
Thu May 10 14:07:50 GMT 2007

How I make to erase (or to change) of tdbsam several users/UNIX groups joining 
to domain of my ISP, wich, by an error of configuration of dhclient, prevailed 
over my local domain of samba pdc???. This last one was solved but now several 
users/primary groups UNIX (for example, "nobody") continue belonging to the 
domain of the ISP, which I see when I execute "pdbedit - L - v".
The users and groups who appear joined to domain of the ISP, nevertheless, have 
same SID who the users and groups joined to local domain that I added in samba 
That is, it would seem that, by an error of routes to pdc (caused by the error 
of configuration of dhclient), in tdbsam the groups and users by default of UNIX 
were saved  with the name of ISP domain but maintained the SID of pdc local. It 
is possible to modify this? Or I will have to install samba pdc again??
Thanks in advance

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